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The ancient Chinese therapy known as “cupping” helps flush out toxins, relax muscles, get rid of cellulite, and reduce inflammation.

Different ways of using it
It can be left on, moved across the skin, rotated, or quickly removed and replaced.
Easy to use
It’s so easy to use and so effective you’ll wish you’d discovered it sooner.
Take it with you anywhere
You can use it anytime, and anywhere.

About Cupalex

It helps eliminate excess fat, smooth orange peel skin, fight cellulite and improve the appearance of your skin.
  • It has an analgesic effect that can help relieve muscle pain, injuries, cramps and spasms.
  • If applied after playing sports, Cupalex can contribute to faster regeneration. The massage effect relaxes muscles and improves their supply of micronutrients.
  • It is also used to treat problems such as migraines, arthritis, anxiety, anemia, acne, hypertension, and much more.
Keep reading, there are even more advantages!

Main pros:

Enhances your beauty
Treats cellulite and improves the appearance of your skin
Relieves pain
Used by professional athletes to treat back pain caused by muscle tension.
Multiple uses
Depending on how they are applied, different effects can be achieved: stimulation, muscle relaxation, analgesic effect, inflammation relief ...
Stimulates circulation
Its favours lymphatic and blood drainage, helping eliminate toxins in blood, and improve sports performance.
Huge benefits for the neck and back
Relieves muscular and skeletal discomfort concentrated in the neck and upper limbs.
Perfect gift
The perfect gift for family and friends!


How can these suction cups help me?
By stimulating blood circulation, they increase metabolic activity. This chain of reactions leads to better muscle nutrition, and performance improvements.
Can it cause any harm?
Not at all. After a few sessions, the skin is left with those typical red marks that gradually disappear, and are simply a sign that the treatment is working.
Does it work well for lower back pain?
Absolutely, it is often used to treat back pain caused by muscular tension.
Are there any special offers available?
Yes, they have a 50% discount launch promotion.
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Lucy O.
I am a physiotherapist, and it’s very useful in my practice. It’s easy to use, clean and provides a good suction. Plus, comparing it with other models on the market, it’s affordable, and suitable for everyone.
Mark M.
Since I tried it, I always use it for sprains and muscle pain. For years, I’ve had a lot of sciatica pain, and so this is really a blessing.
Pamela S.
I’m really happy about this purchase. I used to go to a physio, as I always needed someone’s help. Now, I do it myself with Cupalex.
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The Best Option on the Market

Buy now 50% off and FREE delivery!
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